An Awesome Vue.js Conference 🎉

May 4th * Grand Mercure, Bangalore * Invite-Only

* The best of Vue.js devs at one place. 😎
* No one shall be a passive attendee, i.e. every participant has to speak. 🤓
* Talks can range anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. 💪

Confirmed Talks

* Ajith Ranka - Simplifying Vue Apps with the Elm Architecture
* Chetan Sachdev - Chrome extension using Vue.js
* Gokul Kathirvel - Ember and Vue: How they share values?
* Hamid Raza - zcui: a cli for Vue projects
* Isha Goyal - E2E Testing with Cypress in a Vue app
* Karan Verma - Using Web components in Vue
* Kunal Varma - A practical walk-through for developing plugins in Vue
* Nazim Zeeshan - Building Mobile Apps using NativeScript
* Nimit Bhargava - Up and Running with Vue.js SPA using Laravel
* Preetish HS - How to approach Unit Testing in Vue?
* Rampreeth Ethiraj - Datatables in Vue.js
* Sangeeth Sudheer - Lessons learned while creating a Design System in Vue.js
* Saras Arya - Migrating Large Scale Applications to Vue.js
* Siddharth Kshetrapal - How to be an a11y?

Organizers and Sponsors

Swapnil Agarwal
(Co-Organizer of Vue Bangalore Meetup)

Rahul Kadyan
(Vue.js Core Team Member)

Meesho (On a Mission to Create 20M Entrepreneurs by 2020)

Thank you

We'll be in touch soon.